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Welcome to My St. Peters Dentist.

About Us

My St. Peters Dentist is located in St. Peters, Missouri. We specialize in comprehensive dentistry for your entire family and emphasize excellent service, quality care and patient convenience.

Our Atmosphere

At My St. Peters Dentist, our office is centered around our patients. By pairing a calm atmosphere with modern technology, we created a place where our patients in St. Peters receive the quality of dental care they need and deserve. From the moment you walk in our front door, our team will make you feel comfortable, secure and cared for. Our state-of-the art facility has the latest equipment, so we can offer you the most advanced treatment options.

Our Team

Our team of dental professionals has taken a series of continuing education courses to keep us up-to-date on the latest dental techniques and industry standards. We give each patient personal, one-on-one attention to explain procedures, listen to concerns and answer questions.

Our Philosophy

My St. Peters Dentist strives to provide lifetime care to the St. Peters area, because oral health is integral to overall health. Our philosophy is to provide dental care that will be in your best interest now and in the future so your smile will last a lifetime!

Our Services

We focus on lifetime preventative care and offer a full array of dental services to meet the individual needs and preferences of each patient. From routine cleanings to complete smile makeovers, we use the latest dental techniques to give our patients cutting-edge service.

Teeth Whitening

There are a plethora of reasons as to why teeth develop discoloration and dullness. For most individuals, stains are a result of their favorite foods and drinks, like coffee, tea and wine. Fortunately, our dentist can match you with a teeth whitening treatment that will help you achieve a beautiful, white smile. 


Braces are designed to correct alignment problems and crowded teeth. Even if your teeth are visibly straight, your upper and lower jaws may not be properly aligned. Our dentist can evaluate your situation and determine which style of braces will work for you. 


We also offer Invisalign, which is an alternative to traditional metal braces. This treatment utilizes custom-made, clear aligners that are engineered to gradually move your teeth into perfect alignment. These discreet trays are also removable. 

Zoom! In-Office Teeth Whitening

Our Zoom! in-office teeth whitening treatment removes discoloration from your teeth by applying a patented whitening gel. Our dentist will carefully explain the requirements, risks and precautions of this procedure beforehand. From preparation to aftercare, we'll assist you every step of the teeth whitening process. 

Teeth Cleaning 

Regular teeth cleanings are recommended to remove plaque and tartar that build up naturally over time. After our dentist conducts a comprehensive examination, they will use a variety of tools to remove the accumulation. 


Many individuals who experience severe decay or broken teeth may think that an abstraction is the only


Cavities that are not taken care of may result in an abscess, which is a fluid-filled pouch that develops on the gums. The most common signs of an abscess include swollen gums and jaw aches. When an abscess occurs, it's important that you obtain treatment quickly to avoid more serious complications. 

If you're in need of top-quality dental services in the St. Peters, Missouri, area, contact our team at My St. Peters Dentist. We strive to offer each of our patients a comfortable and satisfactory experience with every visit. Schedule your appointment with our dentist today by calling 636-477-1000. 

When Would I Require Emergency Dental Services?

When you’re considering your dental health, you should be prepared for any problems that may arise. If you’re not regularly going for checkups or taking care of your lifestyle and eating habits, this could lead to a significant decline in your oral health and create sudden problems.  One of the most common problems that results in the need of immediate emergency dental care is teeth sensitivity. This could be due to the following: